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Baron's Racers are slender green snakes from the that range from Paraguay south through Argentina. Baron's Racers live in arid regions that can be very hot in the day and quite cold at night.  Baron's Racers are rear fanged snakes but are typically reluctant to bite. I have not heard of a serious envenomation from baroni but other Philodyras species have caused serious envenomations so precautions should be taken with them.

Baron's racers are relatively new to the trade. Breeding Baron's racers is not difficult and can be accomplished several ways. I have heard of people brumating them for winter and others not, with both being successful. I have had success with an intermediate version. I leave the heat on my baroni enclosures during brumation. At this time, ambient temperature is cold but they still have access to heat. Heat is reduced until no heat is used during the middle of brumation. At this time, I begin introductions and copulation usually commences. After two weeks with no heat, I gradually increase their heat (once again, room and thus ambient temps are still cold). I continue to introduce males to females during the warm up. When full heat is resumed, I don't see and mating but continue to introduce just in case. Eggs are laid fairly early and are incubated at 80F for around 70-80 days.

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